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Living tradition – Shaping the future

Our company is a medium-sized, owner-managed independent company that can look back on a history stretching well over one hundred years.

Since being founded, we have experienced significant social, political and economic changes that have enabled our company to make a significant mark and create a culture of listening, trust, understanding and responsibility – the DNA at the heart of our organisation. We are proud to continue to foster this spirit in the future.

We want our customers, suppliers and all other partners connected to our company to experience and benefit from our core values.

  • So who are we?
  • Why does the market need us?
  • And what does the market expect of us?

Our products and services


Steel strips
We supply rust-proof cold or hot-rolled strips in a wide variety of qualities and sizes and with cut, rounded edges meeting Dorp’s typically high quality standards. Our steel strips are also available with a treated surface or as cold or slit strips on request.

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Bleche, Stäbe & Rohre

Sheets, rods and pipes
Our product range not only features rust-proof cold or hot-rolled sheets, tubes, pipes, wires, hollow rods and steel rods but also includes sheets, tubes, pipes and rods made of other alloys or metals such as aluminium, bronze, copper, brass, nickel silver and red brass.

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Contract processing
Our service spectrum additionally includes machine-rounding and slitting as contract processing services, which allow you to benefit from our experience in shear, waterjet and plasma cutting.

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Quality makes the difference

When it comes to achieving a successful project, every single detail is essential. We provide you with a solid basis for every project in the form of reliable, top-quality material. When handling metal, we make no compromise and work hard for you day after day so that we can supply you with high-quality products that you can trust.

On a foundation of experience and competence, we bring together tradition and innovation and establish strong values that are here to stay. We respond to modern demands rapidly and with a flexible approach and are happy to help you as your responsible partner.

Current metal prices

Our Team

Our team is defined by its commitment to reliability, competence and trust. From transport to sales and from accounting to machine operation, we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Carlo Barich
Carlo BarichGeschäftsleitung & Qualitätssicherung
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Adelheid Martini
Adelheid MartiniVertrieb Bandstahl

german english
Tobias Milke
Tobias Milke Vertrieb Bandstahl

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Svenja Niemeyer
Svenja NiemeyerVertrieb Bleche, Rohre, Stabmaterial, Draht
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Our service for you

We keep a comprehensive range of products made of steel and other materials in stock for you at all times. This allows us to offer quick and efficient delivery as your reliable partner. Our wide variety of prefabrication options ensures that you will receive precisely the product you need.

We view the world through your eyes: steel has been our calling for more than 100 years, and we feel right at home in the industry. We use our special expertise to support you in your plans and projects – feel free to contact us to find out more.

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