Living traditionShaping the future


Ours is a medium-sized, owner-operated, independent company which can look back on well over a hundred years of history.

In this time, a lot of serious social, political and economic changes have taken place which have shaped our company and which have created a culture of listening, trust, understanding and responsibility within us – you could say they shaped our very DNA. We are proud to take this spirit forward with us into the future.

We want our customers and suppliers as well as everyone else who has some link to our company to take part in this.

Who are we?
Why does the market need us?
What does the market expect from us?

We have always been a warehouse-based trading house, stockpiling special, multi-purpose steel grades, predominantly strips, sheets and solid material, for our customers. This is how the idea of prefabrication came into being as we are able to split and round the strips. Should special additional pieces be desired, our CNC operated cut-to-length line can be used. In order to establish comprehensive independence, we also have our own fleet of HGVs. This means that we and our customers do not have to depend on delivery drivers because it is competence, speed and flexibility that count in this day and age.




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